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Classic Optimizer

Whether playing DraftKings, FanDuel, or Yahoo! - fire up this optimizer, set your exposure limits and stacks with RTS projections.

DIY Simulator HQ

Run your own sims for any slate! Our weekly game-by-game template gives you full control over the most powerful tool in DFS.

RangeFinder Player Tool

Got a start-sit question? Torn on a 2-v-2 in your DFS lineup? Let our simulations tell you which of your choices is more likely to win.

Percentile Projections

Don't use median projections to build your GPP lineups. Build in some upside by downloading these alternate projections.

Salary Multiplier Rates

How often does a player 2x his salary? How about 3x? How about 2x+7? Get all those answers here.

Bankroll Tracker

This premium add-on lets our subscribers track their DFS performance via CSV upload.

Advanced Stats Hub

Marketshare Tracker

In fantasy football, volume is king. See how each player's opportunities change each week.

Raw Stats Weekly

Counting stats matter. Track production metrics for all players over the course of the season.

Analytics by Season

Powered by the brains of nflfastR, get advanced metrics on any player season since 1999.

Analytics by Game

Want to dig a bit deeper for game level performance trends? Fire up this nflfastR data query.

Analytics by Play

Time to get nerdy. Look up the advanced analytics on any play for fields such as EPA, WPA, and CPOE.

Analytics by Team

Team stats help illustrate what's really going on. Compare all 32 clubs with advanced metrics.

Sports Wagers

Prop Betting Tool

Any offensive player - any offensive stat category. Let the sims tell you where the value is in the prop markets.

Odds Converter

Use this betting resource to quickly determine the implied probability of American Odds.

Parlay Calculator

While parlays can often be -EV, there can be proper opportunities to pounce. Confirm your payouts here.

Hedge Calculator

Also useful for arbitrage opportunities, this calculator shows when you're in the clear to lock in a profit.

Middle Calculator

If we get creative, we can sometimes lock up a middle for ourselves. Find the value on all possible outcomes.

Expected Value Calculator

Know the true odds of your bet? Compare them to the available odds to find +EV opportunities.

Hold Calculator

Unfortunately, the sportsbooks make a business out of juicing the lines. See how greedy they' are being with this app.

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Bankroll Tracker

This premium add-on lets our subscribers track their DFS performance via CSV upload.

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