How to use Player Prop Tool

You need a premium subscription to access the Player Prop Tool. Find the Player Prop Tool here.

Video Tutorial #

What the Player Prop Tool does #

The Player Prop Tool uses data from our latest run of 10,000 simulations of each NFL game to help you make over/under choices.

How to use the Player Prop Tool #

  1. Select a Player
    • Only players who have projected market share for the current week are listed
  2. Select a Stat Category
  3. Set your betting line
  4. Adjust the Over/Under odds to match your sportsbook
    • The odds default to -110. Leave this alone if you are playing something like Prize Picks or Thrive.
  5. Click Calculate

The tool will output a graph of the distribution of our 10,000 simulations vs the betting line you supplied, and a calculation of the implied odds, actual odds, and our guess of whether the over/user is a good/bad bet based on the Kelly Criterion.

Reading the Output #

What is the Kelly Criterion? #

Read more about the Kelly Criterion and how it is calculated on Wikipedia

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