When are projections updated?

Maintaining accurate and timely projections is a top priority at Run The Sims. We want our users to always have access to the most up-to-date assumptions available. Before we get into our weekly rhythm, let’s first discuss the difference between our “Baseline Projections” and our “Percentile Projections.”

Baseline Projections #

These are the default fantasy point projections in the Classic Optimizer. These are the most frequently updated projections as they are formula-driven and do not rely on simulation. These are typically updated 10-20 times per day to adjust to ongoing news developments. There is no timestamp for baseline projection updates.

Percentile Projections #

While we allow all our users to ‘Run The Sims’ for themselves, we also fuel our apps with our own in-house simulation results. We run 10,000 simulations and chart the percentile-based outputs for each player. This process is typically run once per day, so it is not as dynamic as the baseline projection. However, you’ll always know when the latest batch of sims were run by checking the bottom right corner of our apps (Classic Optimizer, Percentile Projections, Salary Multipliers, etc.). We post a timestamp there saying “Stats Last Updated:” followed by the date and time in your local time zone.

Optimal Rates #

Each time we crank out a hot, fresh batch of simulations for our percentile projections, we also optimize those simulations for each classic slate. So, optimal rates are updated at the same time as Percentile Projections and can be monitored with the same “Stats Last Updated:” timestamp.

Projected Ownership #

Our ownership data is provided by FantasyData and we update this feed multiple times per day. They support DraftKings and FanDuel only. FantasyData tells us that single-game slate ownership is first available 24 hours before lock (for primetime games only). Classic slate ownership is first available 48 hours before lock.

Inactives #

Inactive player news is due 90 minutes prior to kickoff. The Run The Sims projection team reviews inactives for every team and makes changes to projections accordingly. The time stamp at the bottom of the apps only shows updates for simulations, not projections. Join us on Discord for up-to-the-minute updates when inactives are updated for Thursday night, Sunday, and Monday night games.

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