What exactly is Run The Sims?

We are a tools site for fantasy sports – the big difference is our unique simulation-driven approach. We want to provide valuable tools for season-long fantasy, daily fantasy, and sports betting. For too long, fantasy sports have relied on baseline projections to convey player value. The problem is that projections are literally built to be wrong and they don’t convey a player’s full range of outcomes. This is where simulations come into the picture. Instead of leaning on a median or mean player projection, simulation allows you to get a full range of correlated outcomes for that player.

Our approach at Run The Sims is to simulate through every play of every game on every slate 10,000 times and we are able to do this in seconds. At the end of each simulation, we count the box score stats for each player which we then make available in the following apps on site:

  • Player Prop Tool
  • Range Finder
  • Percentile Projections
  • Salary Multiplier Hit Rates
  • and multiple places in our Classic Optimizer

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