How to use RangeFinder

You need a premium subscription to access the Range Finder Tool. Find the Range Finder Tool here.

Video Tutorial #

What the Range Finder Tool does #

The Range Finder Tool uses data from our latest run of 10,000 simulations of each NFL game to help you make sit/start choices between two players or two groups of players.

How to use the Range Finder Tool #

  1. Choose your scoring system. Options are DraftKings, FanDuel, Standard, PPR, or Half-PPR.
  2. Choose “Side 1” players.
    • Note: You may choose up to 9 players per side.
  3. Choose “Side 2” players.
  4. Click Calculate

Review the Output #

Graph Area #

Timestamp #

The included timestamp is just that – a timestamp of when the data was produced.

Data Table #

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